“When a baby is born, so is a mother.”

Why Hypnobirthing?

Having experienced a safe, calm and empowering birth with my son utilising the tools of Hypnobirthing – despite it not going to ‘plan’ (or rather to my 1st preference) – I wanted to share the benefits with other parents-to-be.

Many people have one view and opinion of birth which is quite likely to negative, scary or fearful, thanks to the TV programmes and films which show one very extreme heightened over dramatic version of birth. The truth is real birth is NOT like that! Of course there are some situations which can be but statistically they are in the minority.

Although if you are here, it is probably because you want to explore the benefits of Hypnobirthing and how it can help you to have an informed and empowered birth!

You want to know the facts about birth, how the body will actually birth your baby, what you can do to prepare for birth, what your birth partner can do to help you! You want to know what you can do if there are some special circumstances to navigate, you want to have an empowered, calm and positive birth and I am here to help you learn!!

I was chosen to and chose to train with The Calm Birth School because it is the Hypnobirthing method I feel most aligned too, that I believe in, that I want to jump up and down and shout about to all parents-to-be!!

“What The Calm Birth School offers is the support, education, connection, confidence, skills, empowerment, tools and techniques that a woman needs as she prepares for birth. This enables her to have the most positive experience that she can, in her own unique birth circumstances. The added benefit of this is that the more confident and in control you feel, the more comfortable your birth will be and many of the women who prepare with The Calm Birth School do so with little or no pain relief. Having said that if pain relief is wanted or needed, we fully support a women making that choice.” Liz Standford, The Calm Birth School

In our Hypnobirthing courses you will;

  • Learn everything you need for a calm, positive & empowered birth
  • Receive your own copy of ‘The Calm Birth Method’ book as well as lots of lovely goodies to help you relax & prepare for baby birth
  • Access to all of The Calm Birth School relaxation MP3s, affirmations for birth an new parent affirmations
  • Be invited to join a private Facebook/Whatsapp group to share are learn with other parents-to-be
  • Plus I will be available on a one to one basis via phone or FaceTime up until the birth of baby if you have any questions or need some additional support.

Courses are offered over 4 weeks or 10 hours over a Saturday & Sunday in Little Love Harts Studio Colchester, at £190 for group classes in person or via Zoom, for 1-1 private classes £210 either in-person at Little Love Harts studio, your home or via Zoom. To book your space click here

Hypnobirthing is not...

Going to send you into a trance, make you cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog on demand! Hypnobirthing is not like a Paul McKenna stage show, there are no pocket watches, there are no tricks! Hypnobirthing is something which is done with you, not to you. I will teach you the skills to tap into your own powers of relaxation.

Hypnobirthing is not...

‘Just for hippies!’ Anyone can use Hypnobirthing to help them have an informed and empowered birth – you can wear tie-dye, you can wear a suit, you can be of any race, religion, colour or creed – Hypnobirthing is suitable for all who are interested in owning their birth!

Hypnobirthing is not...

‘Just for people who want a home birth’ if you choose to birth at home, in the labour ward, in a midwife lead unit, in the water or on land – Hypnobirthing is for you!

Hypnobirthing is...

Based on Human Biology & Neuroscience – it is not mumbo jumbo! It is based on fact, evidence. Largely our bodily responses are controlled by one of the oldest areas of the brain, the limbic system. We will learn how we can work to help ourselves not loose our selves to our fight or flight primate urges.

Hypnobirthing is...

About informed choice – you are the most important person when it comes to giving birth, your opinion, your body, your experience – you are allowed to choose how you birth your baby. I will give you the tools to come to safe, informed and independent decisions for yourself and your baby. In birth there is not such things as ‘have to’…

Hypnobirthing is...

For the birthing person & their partner… Your birth partner has got an important role, they’re not just a spare part, waiting to handout the cigars once baby makes there appearance earth-side! I want them to be in this with you to support you it’s about doing it together.

Client Review...

“Thank you so much Nic for re-introducing us to hypnobirthing. As a second time Mum I really found that Nic put me at ease and explained everything in such a fresh, engaging manner and despite doing it before I learnt a lot (and had fun too). We completed our course virtually and her calm, confident, relaxing approach really helped me to feel confident again. She answered all my questions and made all of the teaching relatable to us and our circumstances, a lovely personal touch. 
 I am so excited now to go forward and put all the techniques into practice with my birth partner and feel really invigorated by Nic’s teaching and guidance. Her passion emanates and I couldn’t recommend hypnobirthing with her enough!”

Hypnobirthing will give you the tools;

♥ To empower you to have the birth you want – to teach you that you have a voice and a choice in all stages of your birth.

♥  To teach you about the importance of language – what we say and what is said to us matters.

♥  To give birth partners a role – be it the father, your mother, your sister or a friend they will be your advocate and cheerleader!

♥  To inform you & prepare you for things that may happen beyond your control –  in the real world, should special circumstances arise I want you to know what your options are, how you can manage these to still have a really positive and empowering experience.


About Little Love Harts Hypnobirthing Courses

I offer face-to-face and online classes both for groups and for individuals – I am happy to work around your needs and preferences.

Face-to-face sessions will be run from Little Love Harts Parent & Baby Studio based in North Colchester, which is a parent wellness sanctuary decorated and furnished with you in mind. Sessions can also be run from your home if you feel this would be a more comfortable environment for you.

Whether in the Studio, on Zoom or in Your Home, you will receive all of The Calm Birth Method materials you will need to learn, practice and utilise throughout your pregnancy and birth – we even include some lovely new parent affirmations and relaxations once baby is earth side!

You will also receive a pamper pack from me with love which will include; a beautiful rose quartz roller ball – infused with Doterra calming & soothing essential oils to help you anchor your self in relaxation, gorgeous herbal teas & a face mask for Mumma, super cute heart shape post-it-notes and a lovely colourful pen for you to write your own positive birth affirmations and a few extra little treats from me!

You can also choose to do an online self lead course with The Calm Birth School – A four – week antenatal video program training women and their birth partners to create calm, joyful births from anywhere in the world only…click here to book

“Whether you’re planning a hospital, home, or midwife-led birth, we’ll guide you and your partner through our unique method for creating a smooth birth experience…all from the ease of your armchair. So that for the rest of your pregnancy, you’ll feel fearless not freaked out!”