Courses + Bookings

Little Love Harts Mission Statement;

Becoming a parent is a rewarding but often overwhelming experience. My aim is to support parents to find their way of parenting their baby, by trusting their instincts and giving them the tools to understand and bond with their baby in a safe and loving environment (either in person classes or via online classes), through Hypnobirthing, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.

I strive to make sure all my classes are an inclusive, accepting, welcoming and safe space for all. I am committed to promoting the wellbeing of parents and babies through the provision of inclusive, educational and supportive classes and services.

I will welcome you and baby with a smile, listen to yours and baby’s needs, hold space for you when you need it and give you the tools to have a calm, confident & empowering birth, bond, soothe, relax and aid your baby’s development – be this at Little Love Harts beautiful bespoke Parent and Baby Studio, Colchester or anywhere via Zoom!

In our Baby Massage courses you will;

  • Have some gorgeous 1-1 time with baby
  • Learn some tools to help with relief for colic and support unsettled babies
  • Enhance parent/baby communication
  • Learn how to meet the early developmental needs of babies through touch, movement, sight and sound
  • Enhance the bonding process between you and baby

Courses are offered at Little Love Harts beautiful bespoke Parent and Baby Studio over 5 weeks for an investment of £50 which includes your Organic sunflower oil, a pamper pack for you and some fun treats for baby or a combined 8 week course with Baby Yoga at £80 which also includes all you will need! To book your space click here


In our Baby Yoga courses you will;

  • Have fun with baby
  • Bond with baby using some simple Baby Massage strokes
  • Help baby become more aware of their body & their actions, which can encourage them to move and get mobile
  • Have some relaxation time for parents as well as babies
  • Get the love-drug (oxytocin) flowing to help baby with more restful sleep

Courses are offered over 4 weeks for an investment of £40 or 8 weeks a £75 – all held in Little Love Harts beautiful bespoke Parent and Baby Studio or Via Zoom. To book your space click here


In our Hypnobirthing courses you will;

  • Learn everything you need for a calm, positive & empowered birth
  • Receive your own copy of ‘The Calm Birth Method’ book as well as lots of lovely goodies to help you relax & prepare for baby birth
  • Access to all of The Calm Birth School relaxation MP3s, affirmations for birth an new parent affirmations
  • Be invited to join a private Facebook/Whatsapp group to share are learn with other parents-to-be
  • Plus I will be available on a one to one basis via phone or FaceTime up until the birth of baby if you have any questions or need some additional support.
  • Refresher courses are also available taught over one – 4 hour session or over two – 2 hour sessions, however, different options are possible too – it’s all about what YOU need. So do get in touch to discuss what you might need to help you have a calm, positive, empowering and confident birth, that’s right for you and your baby!
  • Taster sessions are advertised monthly or can be booked upon requested –

Courses are offered over 4 weeks or 10 hours over a Saturday & Sunday in Little Love Harts Studio Colchester, an investment of £190 for group classes in person or via Zoom, for 1-1 private classes £210 either in-person at Little Love Harts studio, your home or via Zoom. Refresher courses are offered at an investment of £92 including all course materials. To book your space click here

Within all Little Love Harts classes I;

  • Encourage instinctive parenting
  • Help build your confidence as a great parent
  • Provide a sense of community for all parents to share and be heard and held
  • Help parents be inspired by baby and understand baby more
  • Present an opportunity for time out from the day to day pressure
  • Allow parents to share experiences, while making some beautiful new friendships
  • Empower parents and help them grow in self belief

Zoom Classes

Little Love Harts offers online courses via Zoom. These can be 1-1, group sessions or private groups (e.g NCT groups, friendship or family groups)

With each online course you will;

  • Receive the organic sunflower oil you will need to practice Baby Massage
  • Be sent a relaxing playlist to play during the online course and whenever you would like to practice at home
  • Receive everything you need to create a relaxing and comfortable space for you & baby at home in your ‘Pamper Pack’
  • Be invited to listen to a relaxing mediation and practice some gentle restorative breathing
  • Receive weekly follow up emails with handouts, videos and information to recap on your learning
  • Be invited to join Little Love Harts private Facebook group where you can chat to other parents
  • The opportunity to have a recording of the session created for you to enjoy at a later date
  • Have time at the end of each live session to connect with other parents

In Person Classes

Held in a calm, relaxing space within Little Love Harts beautiful bespoke Parent and Baby Studio . These can be 1-1, group sessions or private groups (e.g NCT groups, friendship or family groups)

With each in person course you will;

  • Be welcomed each week with a warm drink in a beautiful space to relax and unwind
  • Receive a ‘Pamper Pack’ to take home and use to help you relax and create a blissful environment at home
  • Receive the organic sunflower oil you will need to practice Baby Massage
  • Have the opportunity to meet, chat and connect with other parents
  • Join in our discussion topics
  • Allow baby to play and discover our holistic treasure baskets
  • Be invited to join our Little Love Harts private Facebook group where you can chat to other parents
  • Opportunity after the class has finished to chat and enjoy a warm drink with other parents


I know life with a new baby can be hectic and things can change from one day to the next! So do I understand that sometimes things don’t work out and you may need to cancel a course or session with Little Love Harts.  As I am sure you can appreciate as a small business, cancellations can have quite an impact.

My policy on cancellations, refunds and transferring places between classes and courses is as follows;

  • Payment is required in full at time of booking.
  • Places cannot be reserved until payment has been made.
  • Refunds for cancellations can not be made once a booking and payment has been made through ‘BookWhen’.
  • Your booking can be transferred onto another course where possible.
  • For any one-off classes missed due to baby’s jabs or illnesses where possible you can join another session like-for-like.
  • In the event of Little Love Harts, needing to cancel a session due to sickness, you will be fully refunded for the lost session and priority will be given for rebooking the session at a time and date suitable for both parties.
  • Should there be another ‘lockdown’ or other restrictions imposed owing to COVID 19, all in-person courses booked will automatically transferred to an online Zoom session.

Please click here for Little Love Harts full Terms & Conditions.