Baby Yoga

“When a baby is born, so is a mother.”


It is not known exactly where the practice of Baby Yoga originated, however it has been widely used in India for hundreds of years as part of infant well-being alongside Baby Massage.

Baby Yoga is a variation of yoga, which is more appropriate for babies and it is usually integrated into a Baby Massage routine.

Baby Yoga offers a way for parents to include developmental play in their daily lives with their babies. Baby Yoga is so much more than just stretching – movement is the foundation of many of the higher complex functions we perform in our everyday lives.

Baby Yoga is not just about promoting health and developmental benefits for babies. It is about creating positive attachments and strong loving trusting connections between parent and baby, which help to support a baby’s emotional and social development. In Baby Yoga parents and baby can play, move & most importantly have fun together!

Baby Yoga promotes tummy time and active play for babies in the form of swings and dips which help to develop baby’s proprioceptive (body awareness) and vestibular systems (balance). The use of songs during yoga practice helps to develop baby’s sense of rhythm and helps to promote language development and communication between parent and baby.

Baby Yoga also includes some yoga inspired moves, so parents get a gentle work out & all those lovely endorphins flowing too!

Eye Contact

This is important as it helps parent & baby recognise each other and builds on all the other senses.

Sound of Voice

Babies prefer their parents voices to any other sound & this can help comfort them and aid with their feeding and thus in turn many other aspects of their over all development.

Oxytocin and Prolactin

Skin-to-skin contact helps to release oxytocin (the love hormone) & prolactin (prolactin is needed for the production of breast milk) which promotes feelings of nurturing, caring & love between parent and baby.

Strength & Stimulation

Baby yoga helps to strengthen muscles & joints but also stimulate all the other body systems including circulatory, lymphatic & nervous system.


As with Baby Massage, Baby Yoga activates all of the senses through through loving touch


Babies can distinguish their parents by their smell and working through the Baby Yoga moves together you building on this.


  • It is beneficial for both you and baby as touch and connection releases oxytocin – ‘the love hormone’ and will give you both the amazing feel good factor. In addition, the release of endorphins in both parent and baby’s body can help to promote relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Yoga increases strength, muscle tone and flexibility, and increases physical and emotional strength
  • As with Baby Massage, Baby Yoga helps many ailments and can assist with Baby’s tummy troubles
  • Many of the poses and holds in Baby Yoga may help to calm a fractious baby which in turn will aid parents relaxation
  • Baby Yoga can help strengthens the immune system. Through breath work, poses and focus relaxation increases for both baby and parent. Through the reduction of cortisol (the stress hormone) the immune system will benefit.
  • Also the poses keep the body active and moving, therefore increasing a feeling of overall health and wellbeing.
  • Baby yoga increases body awareness, which can help Baby when exploring the outside world
  • Relaxed parents are better able to respond, understand and become aware of their babies non-verbal and verbal cues

Relaxation for Parent & Baby

  • Oxytocin (the love hormone) will help lower levels of stress in both parent and baby.
  • Lower levels of stress will contribute towards lower blood pressure, heart rate and will help improve appetite.
  • Relaxation found by practising Baby Yoga will also help Mum produce prolactin which is needed for the production of breastmilk – breast feeding produces, connection and oxytocin in both Mum and baby and so the love circle continues.
  • Baby Yoga give you sometime in your day to just focus on the here and now and to enjoy special 1-1 time with your baby.
  • It is fun and you can really let loose and enjoy being playful & having fun with baby!


  • Baby Yoga as with Baby Massage encourages strong bonds through touch, eye contact, baby listening to the sounds of the parents voice, parent and baby exchanging their smell.
  • A strong bond between parent and baby is important for both baby and parents good mental health.
  • Strong trusting bonds between you and your baby will encourage a safe and secure base for your child to grow and develop.