Baby Massage

“When a baby is born, so is a mother.”


Baby Massage is not a new phenomenon – it has been practised in many different cultures;

  • It has been widely used in India for hundreds of years
  • It is practised around the world – in Russia Baby Massage is routinely taught to new parents within hospitals, in Morocco babies are massaged with henna and butter to promote well being, in Nepal new born babies are massaged twice daily in mustard seed oil and breast milk to stimulate their immune systems.
  • It is also influenced by the practice of ‘Kangaroo Care’  where premature babies are cared for & thrive with constant skin to skin contact.

Massage is a therapeutic practice in which the muscles and other soft tissues of the body are manipulated with the aim of improving health and well-being. Massage can have positive effects on all the systems of the body particularly the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems.

Touch in Baby Massage it can help support and develop the emotional bonds between parent and baby. Massage plays an important part in encouraging the ongoing bonding between parent and baby by being in close contact through;

Eye Contact

This is important as it helps parent & baby recognise each other and builds on the other senses, through the exchange of lots of gorgeous smiles from their parent or care giver!

Sound of Voice

Babies prefer their parents voice to any other sound – it is familiar from the womb. Talking & singing to baby during Baby Massage can help relax them, which will lead to other benefits when it comes to things such like feeding & digestion as well as many other aspects of their overall development.

Oxytocin and Prolactin

Skin to skin contact helps to release all the massively important oxytocin hormone (the love drug) in both parent & baby as well as prolactin – which promotes feelings of nurture, care and love between the mother and baby. (Prolactin is needed for the production of breast milk)


Baby Massage is centred around the importance of touch – as without loving, soothing touch and none of the other benefits would be possible.


Babies can distinguish their parents smell soon after being born, which makes them feel loved, safe & nurtured.

Time Out

Baby Massage offers some time-out for you and baby to just ‘be’, to relax, unwind & enjoy each others company without the worry or pressure of chores to-be-done or places to be.


  • TOUCH stimulates baby’s brain development – the more we touch, cuddle, kiss, massage our baby the more we are helping to stimulate their brains
  • Baby massage and touch encourages strong BONDS between you and your baby
  • It is beneficial for both you & baby as touch and connection releases OXYTOCIN – ‘the love hormone’ and will give you both the amazing feel good factor as well as lots of health benefits
  • Relaxes baby & this in turn can help promote SLEEP in baby
  • RELIEF from a number of common issues – Baby Massage helps to tone the digestive tract and therefore will help baby pass wind more easily, prevent discomfort & upsets linked to COLIC, the movements used in baby massage can also help with constipation
  • Baby Massage can also help relieve the discomfort of TEETHING pain
  • Helps ease the discomfort of COLDS & CONGESTION, sinuses are relieved by draining the nasal passages


  • The release of oxytocin (the love hormone) will help lower levels of stress in both you and baby
  • Lower levels of stress will help lower blood pressure, regulate heart rate in both you & baby and will help improve feeding or ‘rest & digest’ in baby
  • Relaxation will also help mothers produce prolactin which is needed for the production of breastmilk – breast feeding produces, connection & oxytocin in both Mum and baby and so the love circle continues
  • Baby Massage give you sometime in your day to be mindful, to just focus on the here and now and enjoy special 1-1 time with your baby


  • Baby Massage encourages strong bonds through touch, eye contact, listening to the sounds of the parents voice, parent and baby exchanging their smell
  • Numerous studies have shown a strong bond between parent and baby are important for both the baby and parents mental health
  • Strong bonds between you and your baby will encourage a safe and secure base for your child to grow and develop.
  • Baby massage will help you familiarise yourself with babies cues and get to know their likes and dislikes