Welcome to Little Love Harts first blog!!

Hello, welcome to Little Love Harts First Blog Post!

This is an exciting chapter in the journey that I have been on over the last 7 months. I intend to use this blog as a way to share with you tips and tricks related to baby massage and baby yoga as well as a way to keep you updated on what’s new with Little Love Harts.

There are so many things I’m excited to share with you!

Next month’s blog is going to be all about the benefits of baby massage. It will answer any questions you might have from ‘what should Baby wear when they come to their first class’ to ‘what should I wear when I come to my first class?!’ As well as the more important questions, such as ‘how baby massage can help with babies physical mental and emotional development?’.

But here we are now, and, in this blog, I want to share with you my whys, my how’s and my what’s next for Little Love Harts.

Firstly let’s start with the name – ‘Little Love Harts’ is born out of my married name which is Hart, I wanted something which represented myself my family my reason for being here, what I teach with is ‘love’ and wanted it to be clear that it was something for babies so that’s a ‘little’! 😉

Through having my son, I really do feel like I found my purpose, the missing piece in my puzzle, it wasn’t just him as you might think that is what I mean – but it is also this, here now, Little Love Harts. Teaching Baby Massage and Baby Yoga to other new parents. I knew that not only did I not ‘want’ to return to work in the role I left before going on maternity leave, I knew I couldn’t. I knew that something I had been searching for over many years albeit unknowingly was supporting others and this came to me in the guise of Baby Massage.

It was suggested to me by a dear friend and Blossom and Berry Lecturer when I said I wanted to do something to help support other mothers but wasn’t sure what I had to offer… It turns out I have a lot! Experience can be a great teacher and knowing you are so passionate about something makes you able to share that gift with others.

As soon as I started telling other friends and family members that I was thinking of training to become a baby massage and baby yoga instructor they all started to say ‘wow you’d be so good at that’ and ‘that sounds like something that you would love and is something that you could really help other people enjoy and embrace’. I was shocked! Not only because of the nice words that they said but because I actually believed them! I knew that what they were saying was true that I could offer something great to other new parents. I don’t say that here to be blowing my own trumpet!! I say this because I want people to know that I really am passionate about what I do, what I teach and what I have to offer new parents and their babies.

I truly believe in the wonderful benefits of Baby Massage for baby – it is a no-brainer!! ??❤️?

Baby’s love touch, they love to be loved, the need to be loved! Baby Massage teaches love. It teaches connection between parent and baby but also allows time and space for connect between other parents, which is so important in those early weeks and months. To have people who are traveling on the same path as you at the same time, really is invaluable. I sit her writing this now with the memory of sleepless nights, but it is only those people who are living it right not who can truly share what you are going through.

With Little Love Harts, I want to be the gateway for other parents to go through to learn the tools to help them bond and connect with baby while helping them settle and soothe their bundle of joy. I want people to come to my studio to find new friends, to have a laugh, to learn from each other, to share all the OMG’s that come with being a new parent!!!

Becoming a new parent brings with its massive life changing factors, being responsible for a new fragile life is both overwhelming and amazing all at once.  You read all the books, do all the classes, but until that little babe is in your home you have no idea how life changing it all really will be!  You know you will be tired – but you have no idea how tired!! You know your days will changes, but you have no idea how a nappy really can affect your ability to get out of the house before midday!

You are getting advice thrown at you from every angle, you were once a capable, strong, clever, responsible colleague and now you are fretting over whether it is long sleeve or short sleeve vest weather?!!

Your boobs and bits hurt, you are bathing in tea tree oil to help prevent any infection, you are petrified of getting mastitis, you do everything you are told to the letter, but still you don’t feel like you are doing anything right. You haven’t watched a tv programme in one sitting in weeks and you are pretty sure you will never again be able to wear a stich of make-up.

But yet through the tiredness, sore nips and bits, your little baby is growing, putting on weight, having all the wet and dirty nappies and suddenly you can see – wow I must be doing something right!  It all takes time and we are all different, some people look/feel like that have it nailed from day one, others it takes some time.

I learnt over time that I really was the expert of my baby, I knew what each little whimper or cry meant, I knew when he needed fed, again, even if it was 10 seconds after he last fed. ?

For me the best thing I did was to be honest, to tell people how hard it was not knowing who I was anymore – I didn’t even know how to dress?? How to do you wear clothes that makes you feel good and yet allow constant access to a baby who wants to feed 24/7 and where can you find jeans that don’t aggravate your stiches?!

I made myself get out every day, to bring some kind of structure to our lives and so I wasn’t alone. I joined groups, did Baby Massage, reached out to people on Facebook, got help with my breastfeeding issues, went to coffee mornings with like-minded mums. I tried to sleep when I could and accepted that the dirty dishes and laundry would have to wait. I tried to make sure I was getting my 5 a day – even if it was from a smoothie or a frozen bag of veg, anything to make me feel like I was doing something I could to help myself. ?

I avoided reading or watching anything that I knew was going to make me feel inadequate. I unfollowed people on social media who made me feel that I wasn’t enough. I tried to surround myself with people who encouraged open and honest conversations about motherhood, mental health and many other things.

I repeated the mantra ‘all things will pass’ and it is so true, all things do pass, and everything gets easier with time and practice. Mothering is natural and amazing, but like all things it takes time and experience to come.

It is an amazing time, but it is ok to not ‘enjoy every minute’ as sometimes it is hard and lonely and endless. But once you get that cute little smile, or have that warm sleepy snuggle, or see that baby is growing and hitting all their milestones all because of your love and care and all of those amazing love hormones of oxytocin are flowing between you both there is nothing like it!! ?

I hope that through Little Love Harts I can connect parents and help babies grow and learn with love.

In September I am due to embark on Hypnobirthing training with The Calm Birth School to complete my offering to new parents. I want to be able to share with parents the wonderful tools I learnt and was able to utilise during my son’s birth which both my husband and I believe gave us both the knowledge and foundations for a safe, empowering and beautiful birth experience.

Through Blossom and Berry, I was given an opportunity during lockdown to write a poem for a book for new mothers called ‘Mother Light’. (the book is available to purchase on Amazon all profits go to charity which supports infant-feeding in Malawi) yet again another amazing experience that I would never have had if I had not been fortunate enough to have had my son and started on my journey with baby massage. ?

I thought I would share the poem I wrote here on the blog as I feel like it encapsulates everything that I felt as a new mother and knowing that through the hard times, the sleepless nights, the worry and desire to be perfect, that there is an end in sight and that the best thing is having your gorgeous baby but also finding yourself and a new you.

Perfectly Perfect

Perfectly perfect he is perfectly perfect

Are the words I would say

Perfectly perfect in every-way

This is what I strive to be

But perfect to you

Wasn’t perfect to me

I tried to do everything all on my own

I wanted to share

But felt so alone

Now I can see perfect to you, was just me

Me as I was, me as I am. You taught me to be

To accept who I am

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